2024 Triumph Stealth Editions
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2024 Triumph Stealth Editions

Triumph has found a recipe for success with their “one-year-only” special-edition motorcycles. In 2024, they’re introducing the Stealth Edition range, which blends black and candy metallics to create a distinctive theme. Following the footsteps of the 2022 Gold Line Editions and the 2023 Chrome Collection, the Stealth Edition motorcycles are part of Triumph’s Modern Classics lineup, offering exclusive paintwork for a slightly higher cost than the standard colors.

During the introduction of the Triumph Stealth Edition motorcycles, James Wood, Triumph’s global marketing manager, highlighted the limited edition models’ remarkable aesthetic, describing it as “dark and dramatic,” a perfect fit for these bikes.

Wood emphasized the unique application of the color, which results in a profound and rich finish. This finish is further enhanced by shifting lighting conditions, adding a contemporary twist while preserving the timeless design DNA. Importantly, the entire painting process is carried out by hand, ensuring that each motorcycle is one-of-a-kind.

The Triumph Stealth Edition’s custom paintwork will grace eight models from the Modern Classics lineup. These include the red Bonneville Speedmaster, the purple Bobber, the blue T100 and T120, the red Speed Twin 1200, the green Speed Twin 900, the orange Scrambler 900, and the matte silver T120 Black.

James Wood emphasized that this premium paint effect is typically associated with custom craftsmanship, and he encouraged enthusiasts to see these motorcycles in person to fully appreciate their visual impact.

Triumph dealers are currently accepting orders, with the bikes expected to arrive in dealerships in the spring of 2024.

The enduring Bonneville DNA of the classic Speed Twin 1200 harmonizes seamlessly with this exceptional paint finish. A closer look reveals a vibrant candy red that glistens brilliantly in the light, enhancing the model’s timeless allure.

024 Triumph Speed Twin 1200 in Red Stealth.

Previously known as the Street Twin, the motorcycle underwent a rebranding in 2023, becoming the Speed Twin 900. In this Triumph Stealth Edition variant, the model distinguishes itself with a lustrous, deep green tank design that pays homage to the iconic British racing green. The result is a head-turner, making the Speed Twin 900 even more captivating.

2024 Triumph Speed Twin 900 Green Stealth Edition

Triumph continues its tradition of refreshing models, and the Scrambler 900, formerly known as the Street Scrambler, is no exception. Recognized for its custom aesthetics and rugged appearance, the 2024 iteration of this model features a captivating deep orange hue, adding a new level of intrigue to its character.

2024 Triumph Scrambler 900 Orange Stealth Edition

Combining accessibility and ease of handling with the signature thrilling Bonneville performance, the Bonneville T100 Blue Stealth Edition offers not only a captivating appearance but also a ride that inspires confidence. Its Bonneville 900cc engine, characterized by abundant torque and low inertia, produces 64 horsepower at 7,400 rpm and boasts peak torque of 59 lb-ft at 3,750 rpm. This results in a responsive engine that delivers tractable power at lower revs while still providing an abundance of top-end punch.

Differing from the other models in the collection, the Bonneville T120 Black Stealth Edition boasts a unique silver matte finish, further elevating its distinctive and eye-catching aesthetics.

2024 Triumph Bonneville T120 Black Stealth Edition

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